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Leggings aren’t pants… they’re something even better! They’re comfortable. Whether you wear them for comfort, style, or vivid prints, there are plenty of reasons why leggings are better than boring old pants. Here are our top 10:

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: Retro Leggings


Need we say more? Every pair from Lotus Leggings is made from our all-way stretch material designed to offer the most comfortable fit and feel you’ll ever experience.

Our leggings are so comfortable. You’ll forget you’re wearing them. And with so many unique prints to choose from, why would we ever go back to pants?

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: Magical Moon Leggings. 

They offer a forgiving fit.

Leggings were made for the holidays! Even if you skip a day at the gym or indulge in a few too many of your favorite treats, your leggings will forgive you and remain stretchy and comfortable without turning sheer or splitting seams! Can jeans say the same?

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: Artemis Leggings. 

They’re perfect for travel.

Are you going somewhere? Don’t forget your leggings! The soft and stretchy material won’t cut off circulation, which can be a problem anytime you’re forced to sit for hours at a time. They’re also comfortable enough to sleep in any position, so be sure to stock up for those overnight flights!

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: Painted Canvas Leggings.

Perfect for any occasion.

One great thing about leggings is how versatile they are. You can wear them whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, on your way to the gym, or staying in for a lazy evening, and just about everything in between! There’s a perfect print for everything!

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: Mermaid Athletic Leggings. 

You can easily transition between outfits.

Working out, nights out, or days in…is there anything leggings can’t do? A quick switch between different tops and shoes can completely transform your outfit, with your amazing leggings as the eye of the fashion storm!

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Hundreds of prints are available! 

They come in so many styles!

We have hundreds of prints to choose from! What’s your passion? What’s your style? What’s your favorite color? We have a print for that!

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: We’re All Mad Here Leggings. 

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You get complete freedom of movement.

Can you do yoga, go rock climbing, or cuddle up comfortably on the couch in jeans? We didn’t think so. Our all-way stretch fabric moves with you and never sags or tears.

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

Pictured: Sun and Moon Leggings.  

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They’re flattering.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and we’ve all got it! Our leggings offer a next-to-skin fit and high waistband that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.

Why Leggings are Better Than Pants

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