Hologlamor Leggings
Hologlamor Leggings

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Blostirno Women’s Fleece Lined Leggings

Nylon, Spandex, and Fleece Lined


Non-see-through, 100% Opaque, Lined with soft fleece

Fleece line tights suit all shape, elastic waistband flattens your tummy for a trim look

Footed leggings with a control top and there are 2 styles to choose between footed leggings and stirrup tights comfortable to wear

These opaque elastic tights shape up your legs, makes your legs thinner and longer. Lined with velvet to keep you warm in winter

Great to wear underpants, shorts, skirts, tunics, and long sweaters, good choice to pair with your boots and heels in winter

Blostirno Women's Fleece Lined Leggings


S/M (5’1″-5’6″, 88-143 lb)

M/L (5’3″-5’9″, 99-176lb)

XL (5’3″-5’9″ 100-198lb)



Keep You Warm Perfect for winter.

These elastic tights are available in 3 different sizes (S/M, M/L, XL), suitable for most people.

These footed tights with high stretch soft lines comfortable to shape up your legs.

The fleece line tights fit well with dresses, skirts, boots, high heels, etc.